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Basic Rule of Indian Stock market !!!

1. Whenever market is high it will fall soon.

2. Whenever market is low ,if there is no external factor then it will rise.

3. Same rules applies to stocks scripts also.

Everyone say's that when market is high we will invest in shares , as doing intraday trading is risky. However we say that when market is going high investment is not that safe as it doesn’t make any point blocking your money when SENSEX and NIFTY are already zooming high. Wait for correction to come and then buy at lower price. Till the time stick to intraday stock trading.

Best time for investment - when market is down, though by keeping fundamental’s in mind.

Best time for intraday trading - Everyday is best day for it. Condition being some professionals are assisting you with there analyzes of stock market.


How to earn in Bullish Indian stock market !!!

1. Always remember this is your hard earned money not anyone’s. So you have to take care of it and be cautious at every level, if you are taking calls from processionals then also.

2. Always follow Indian stock market.

3. When market falls, don't panic, when market zooming don't be overjoyed as you can earn and loose both ways around.

4. If market goes up you first buy and then sell and if Indian stock market goes down, you first short and then buy.

5. Never hesitate to ask for professionals advice.


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