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It is a very surprising note to hear that there are lots of people who confuse with stock market and shares. This can be happen. There are lots of people who are far more behind and lacking knowledge in this types of market, and there are people who doesn’t know how to trade also, so much awareness has to be done in this regards. For those who wish to invest their money in the market should always take the advice of stock market consultants if they really wish to be successful in the market. So let us have a good knowledge and remove the misconception of stock market and shares.

About stocks
Stocks can be regard as one kind of tools for making human beings wealthy while stocks is one kind which is used to represent his wealth. In today’s world the prices of the stock changes every minute and every hour, but that doesn’t tells or indicate that the share is also changing, even though the stock prices are volatile the share doesn’t. Stock prices in the market are volatile because of the performance of the market as well as the sells and buys activity of the investors. These different prices of the stock sometimes made the investor very nervous this in turn leads to the switching over of the shares from one company to the other, as stock market is a place where company sold out their shares publicly, so changing over is not too difficult.

About shares
Shares is one type of investment in which a firm or a particular person invest his money in a company or a firm so that the place where he invest will perform their works with the help of the investor money. The main aim is to bring a good output or return to the investor as the investor is to earn profit. Besides this profit expected is basically much more than the profit or interest offered by the bank. The companies where the investors invest the money were used for more development or more number of productions of the company products, so if there more production leads the company to a positive way that is more profit, if the company has more profit that means the investors will also earn more profit in the share market. So, they will divide the profit according to the shares made by the investors. If the investors are quite satisfied with the shares or interest distributed, he can still invest or have a share in that company as well a long time investment can bring more profit to the investors.

Stock market is a place where people buy sells and full support of the stockbroker is needed to get large amount of profit, trading in the stock market is not an easy thing, without taking a deep study there is a lot of chances of loosing the capital. Indian stock market is a place where all the companies who can be listed under this market sells their stock and when a person buys that stock it is said that he have a share in that company. Entering stock market by a company is not easy one not all the company can enter this market because there are certain terms and conditions to be followed by the company. Besides these companies, commodities like gold, aluminum were also included even agriculture products like wheat were also listed. In the meantime crude oil is also very much attracted by the investors as it is a nonrenewable resources but widely used by the people so, if the price up all the other commodities prices also up automatically. So, you have cleared the misconception of stock market and shares.

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