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Introduction to stock market trading in India
India is one of the flourishing global markets with a strong base of registered companies engaged in diverse business portfolios with great future prospects. The country has also displayed tremendous economic growth in the past decade by opening up its doors to liberalization, globalization and privatization. The domestic savings and disposable income have also sky rocketed as information technology and various other allied sectors have boomed in business in response to the global demand. India is also a vast pool of inexpensive labor of high quality and intellectual strength. The country is home to millions of youngsters who are fluent and efficient in English communication making it one of the most attractive markets for investment by multinational corporations.

Stock market India and various dimensions
India’s stock market scene is predominantly dominated by to major stock houses: The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). These corporate stock exchanges transact a lion share of the stock market business in the country. The market is featured by the presence of stock brokers who are categorized into bulls and bears. Bears function in anticipation of bringing down stock prices and gaining from the differential amounts. Bulls function by increasing stock prices and profiting from the speculation which is highly risky as well as profitable. Stock brokers provide retail investors with various stock trading tips that help them gain from the daily price fluctuations. In return for their service brokers charge a specific amount of commission which account for their remuneration for guiding investors in this complex market environment.

Stock trading services offers by stock brokers
The services of stock brokers involve not only buying and selling of stocks on behalf of investors. They also provide analytical information and detailed speculation of stock markets after due consideration of various international economic conditions and market forces of demand and supply. They also advise their clients on how to time their trade transactions so as to capitalize the highest profits from speculation. Certain stock trading transactions are also covered under the ambit of Indian taxation rules which with the help of brokers can be saved by taking alternative investment routes.

Personal finance and stock market India
The Indian stock market offers a great avenue for multiplying income from idle savings. It has various financial instruments each with its own attributes of risk and return which if chosen wisely will enable any individual to reap significant returns. Equity is the most widely investment mode since it has to capacity to earn higher income than debt instruments. Also, it gives the owner an entitlement to participate in the day to day business affairs of the company making them more aware of how their investment is being used. However, the income from equity instruments is variable and is dependent on the profit generating capacity of the business.

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