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Stock Market Tips

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When we talk about Stock Market or Share Market the most basic term which should be understood is Investors. Who are the investors? There are some more terms too, which are necessary to be understood like how trading is done? Tips for the Share Market? What are Shareholders? Best Strategies to be used while investing in stock market? What are Bull & Bear Markets? And so on. There is a never ending list of terms used in Stock Market.

There are so many Investors who even don’t know how to invest their money in Stock Market and how to protect themselves in the Stock Markets? There are share brokers and stock market tips provider who help the investors to make a good decision in their investment.

Stock Market Tips:

Use Sell Stops order:
The first step to protect your downside in the Stock Market is through the use of Sell Stops and sells stop limit orders. It is referred to as “Stop-Loss order”.
Stop-Loss Order is an order to sell a stock when it reaches a certain price. If the share reaches the stop price, the order is then executed and stocks are sold at the market price.

Stop Limit Order:
Basically a Stop Limit Order is an order to sell stock ones a specific price is reached, as long as the price does not fall beyond the limit. If that particular share is reached to the stop price, the order is too translated into a limit order.

There is an Advantage of Limit Order- you have more control over the price at which the selling of stock will be undertaken. If the stock doesn’t reach the specified stop price then the order will not be filled.

Avoid being Stopped Out:
A Share is said to be “Stopped Out” when a stock falls to the sell stop price. Therefore, sell stop and sell stop limit orders are a good way to keep you on the correct path of stock market. Proper trading tricks should be used. It is suggested to place your order at an odd number because many traders place their stock orders at an odd number with enough place to account for the last potential round of selling.

Buy Stop and Buy Stop Limit Orders:
If in a market position goes down or the position moves against you then the Buy Stop and Buy Limit orders can be used to protect you. They are used to protect the profit or loss on Short Sales. A buy stop limit order is an order to buy a stock once a particular price is reached.

Putting Stops:
Sell Stop and Sell Stop Limits are a source for protecting out your investments. Sell Stop and Sell Stop limits keep the decision making process simple.
Two common methods to place stop orders are:
Place the stop price below the support level.

Avoid hitting the Buy Stops or Buy Stops limit- avoid round numbers. Place Buy Stops and Buy Stop Limits at odd numbers.

You have some options when your stock does Hits the Buy Stop or Buy Stop Limit.

Watch and notice how the Stock Trades.
To have a bold move, Go back in and place another buy stop to protect your downside of the investment.

Investors can protect themselves from Volatile markets and prevent from losses by using Sell Stops, Sell Stop Limits, Buy Stops and Buy Stop Limits. You should adapt the way you are comfortable with. Use them prudently to be on the right side of Stock Market.


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